Unlocking a World of Knowledge: The Top 10 PDF Book Apps for Your Mobile Device (2023)

In a world where not everyone is willing to invest in a dedicated e-reader for their literary pursuits, the solution lies in exploring apps that offer the same functionality. In this article, we unveil a curated list of apps that allow you to download PDF books for free on your tablet or smartphone. These applications cater to both Android and iOS users, leveraging the compatibility of the latest operating systems with the PDF format. Let's dive into the realm of digital reading without further ado.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Compatible with: Android | iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Initiating our list is Adobe Acrobat Reader, the brainchild of the PDF format pioneer, Adobe. This app seamlessly handles PDF files, boasting diverse viewing modes such as classic vertical scrolling or split-page viewing in landscape mode. With features like contextual word or phrase search, favorites section, and text reorganization, Adobe Acrobat Reader goes beyond basic functionality. Subscribers to the free Adobe Document Cloud account can even share, sync, and edit documents online.

2. Amazon Kindle

Compatible with: Android | iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Surprisingly, the official Amazon Kindle app is not exclusive to Kindle devices. Accessible on both iOS and Android, it opens the door to millions of titles, both paid and free, directly on your tablet or smartphone screen. Offering customizable text font, background color, brightness adjustments, annotations, and specific text searches, the Kindle app proves its worth even without the need for a dedicated Kindle device.

3. Google Play Books

Compatible with: Android | iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Google's diverse app portfolio extends to books with Google Play Books. Users can access a vast marketplace of hosted works, allowing them to download PDF files for offline reading on their mobile devices. The integration with other Google-controlled platforms is a standout feature. You can upload your own PDFs to the Play Books library and leverage Google Drive for cloud storage, eliminating the need to clutter your device's memory.

4. Apple Books

Compatible with: iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Apple enters the scene with Apple Books, a counterpart to Google Play Books. This app mirrors the functionality of its counterpart, enabling users to download and read PDF files on iPhones or iPads. The minimalist design, typical of Apple's aesthetic, complements the iOS and iPadOS environments seamlessly.

5. Kobo Books

Compatible with: Android | iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Resembling the Amazon Kindle in functionality, Kobo Books adds a social touch with features like user sharing, reading suggestions, annotations, and more. The app's compatibility with various formats, including PDF, EPUB, CBZ, and CBR, positions it as a versatile option for downloading and reading books on your mobile device.

6. Wattpad

Compatible with: Android | iOS | Price: Free for seven days, with in-app purchases

With a library boasting 10 million books across genres, Wattpad offers the flexibility to download and read PDF e-books offline. Users can engage with their favorite works online, leaving comments visible to other platform users. The app is free to try for seven days, after which a monthly subscription of $15.90 unlocks its full features.

7. Moon+ Reader

Compatible with: Android | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Moon+ Reader not only functions as an e-book reader but also facilitates PDF downloads to your tablet or smartphone. Noteworthy features include highlighting important words or passages, customizable background colors, annotation support, and access to a collection of public domain titles, making it a compelling choice for PDF book enthusiasts.

8. Foxit PDF Editor

Compatible with: Android, iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Known for its PC version, Foxit PDF Editor extends its capabilities to mobile devices, allowing users to download Adobe's proprietary format. The app supports annotations, highlights, drawings, and even collaborative note-taking with its ConnectedPDF feature. Additionally, it provides file protection through password encryption, adding an extra layer of security to your PDF documents.

9. PDF Viewer Pro

Compatible with: Android, iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Boasting a simple and intuitive interface, PDF Viewer Pro offers a streamlined organization system for your books and PDF files. Whether stored locally or in the cloud, users can open documents, make annotations, and perform basic edits. While the app is free, a paid version unlocks additional features such as document or page merging and interface customization.

10. Xodo PDF Reader

Compatible with: Android, iOS | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Closing our list is Xodo PDF Reader, a multiplatform e-book reader that supports PDF downloads across multiple devices. The app integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, providing users with flexibility in organizing and accessing their PDF files. Offering features like electronic signatures and document annotations, Xodo PDF Reader stands out as a versatile and free PDF reading solution.

In conclusion, these ten apps pave the way for a rich digital reading experience on your mobile device. Whether you're an Android or iOS user, the options are diverse and cater to varying preferences. Download your preferred app today and unlock a world of literature at your fingertips.


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