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Are you considering investing online and looking for the best trading platforms? These websites and apps provide the necessary tools and software to monitor financial markets. Choosing the right platform can be challenging for beginners, but we are happy to help you get started!

The best trading platforms in Belgium

The best trading platforms in Belgium | MoneyExpert (1)


Shares – Funds – Bonds – Trackers – Warrants – ETFs – Futures

  • Open account: Free
  • Storage costs: Free
  • Management fees: Free
  • Incoming transfer from another bank: Free
  • Outgoing transfer: €75/line



Promotion! 1% from €10,000 deposit

The best trading platforms in Belgium | MoneyExpert (2)


Thanks to Keytrade Bank securities accounts you can invest under interesting conditions. Practical and educational tool.

  • Management fees: 0€.
  • Storage costs: 0€.
  • Transaction costs: €7.5 order
  • Minimum deposit at opening: no minimum


Promotion !

Compensation for the transfer of securities up to €2,500

The best trading platforms in Belgium | MoneyExpert (3)


Trading platform, training programs and coaching services.

  • Management fees: 0€.
  • Storage costs: 0€.
  • Transaction costs: €6 order
  • Minimum deposit at opening: €3000

Promotion !

Up to €500 free transaction credit when you open an account

The best trading platforms in Belgium | MoneyExpert (4)



  • Management fees: 0€.
  • Storage costs: 0€.
  • Transaction costs: €1 order
  • FX margin for US equities: 0.25%.
  • Minimum deposit at opening: no minimum

The best trading platforms in Belgium | MoneyExpert (5)


Online investor account of the KBC group. Powerful platform with many possibilities.

  • Management fees: 0€.
  • Storage costs: 0€.
  • Transaction costs: from €7.5
  • Minimum deposit at opening: €0

Become a Bolero customer before March 31, 2023 and receive a refund of the brokerage costs of your purchase transactions for 3 months (promotion subject to conditions)

Explanation of trading platforms

What is a trading platform?

A trading platform is a website or app that youconnect directly to buyers and sellers of stocks, bonds or other financial products around the world, and all you need is internet access.

The best trading platforms give you access to analysis tools that allow you to monitor stock prices in real-time and monitor the fluctuations of the financial products that interest you.

What costs are associated with an investment platform?

There are six types of fees charged for an online investment platform.The amount of these costs varies depending on the online trading platform you choose. We have explained all possible costs of a trading platform for you below:

The best trading platforms in Belgium | MoneyExpert (6)

  1. Oftransaction costsarefees charged for each transaction you make. They can consist of both a commission and a spread. The amount of these costs varies per broker and per type of trading product you trade. Some brokers do not charge any commission at all when buying shares.
  2. Ofmanagement costsarebased on a monthly or annual percentage. They may be charged for account management and services. They are usually lower or free with online brokers.
  3. Storage costs arefixed fees that you pay for managing securities in your securities account. These costs are also often more favorable for online investments.
  4. Some brokerscharge inactivity fees if you have been inactive for a certain period of time. This is because the investment platform itself incurs fees to keep your account operational, but when you are inactive they generate no income. To compensate for these costs, they charge so-called inactivity costs.
  5. It's the spreaddifference between the purchase and sale price of a financial product. This is a form of cost, because you always buy at a slightly higher price than the current market price and sell at a slightly lower price.
  6. Depending on the broker, there may be:recording costsassociated with withdrawing moneyfrom your trading account.

Online investing: how does it work?

If you want to start investing online, the first thing you need to do is...securities accountnecessary. Securities accounts are offered by various brokers and banks as products that allow you to get an overview of your investments. These investments can consist of shares, bonds or pension funds.

Investment platforms such as Bux Zero, Keytrade Bank, Bolero and Lynx are among the trading platforms that offer online securities accounts. Banks usually give you access to your trading account through a mobile application, making it easy to buy or sell shares using your phone.

In general, if you want to invest online, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a suitable investor platformthat meets your needs and objectives. The comparison table at the top of the page will help you choose the best trading platform for your purposes.
  2. Open a trading accountat the trading platform. This can usually be done online. This will require you to submit personal information and documents to verify your identity.
  3. Doethorough investigationto the shares, bonds or other financial products you are interested in. Blogs, YouTube and forums can help you with this.
  4. Deposit money into your trading accountto be able to invest. This is often very simple with most trading platforms!
  5. Choose your investmentwhat you want to trade with.
  6. Place a purchase order. To do this, you must specify the quantity, price and type of order. There are different types of orders, including market orders (at the current market price) and limit orders (at a price you specify).
  7. After you have placed an order, you canfollow its progress via the investor platform. This way you can often use the price, graphs and other tools in real-time to manage your investments.
  8. Consider spreading your investments(diversification) to limit risks.
  9. Successful investing requires continuous investmentmonitoring and adjusting your strategybased on market conditions and your financial goals.

Remember that investing online involves risks. That is why it is important to inform yourself well and, if necessary, seek advice from a financial advisor before you start.

Which trading platform should I choose?

Whether you are looking for the most affordable trading platform or a Belgian broker with potentially slightly higher costs, the best trading platform is the one that best suits your needs and trading style. Therefore, take the time to analyze the following points:

  1. Before you start choosing an investment platform, you shouldclearly define your investment goals and trading style. Do you want to actively day trade or are you looking for long-term investments? This will influence the type of trading platform you choose.
  2. Compare the transaction costs, spreads and other costs chargedby different brokers. Some trading platforms offer commission-free trading, while others have low spreads. In addition, also take into account possible inactivity fees or withdrawal fees.
  3. Check whether the investor platformprovides access to the financial products you want to trade with. Not all platforms support the same range of stocks, bonds, forex pairs, crypto and other assets.
  4. Also take a look at which onesfeatures and toolsmakes the investor platform available. Just think of graphs, news feeds, mobile apps, etc.
  5. Does the trading platform offer a trial period? Then take a look to seehow user friendlyit is.
  6. Take a look at thereviews, and more specifically customer service experiences. Good customer service can be useful if you encounter technical problems or need help with trading.

Remember that choosing a trading platform is a personal decision, and what works for one person may not work for another. Take the time to compare different platforms and consider your own goals and needs when making your choice.

Are you just starting to invest online? Learn all about it now!

Before you invest in the stock market, it isessential to understand the basics of stock trading. There are numerous online trading courses available. Some are chargeable, but the ones offered by your chosen broker are usually free.

After you've learned the basics, consider opening a beginner account to put your knowledge into practice. A beginner account allows you to trade under real market conditions, but with fictitious capital, meaning there is no real financial risk. This stock market simulator allows you to try out different asset classes and financial instruments so that you can become familiar with the capabilities of the trading platform.

Beware of scams!

Every company that wants to offer investment products, whether or not via a trading platform, must have a license. Companies that trade without a license receive a warning from the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

You can find a current list of these companieshere.

I am an experienced financial professional with a deep understanding of online trading platforms and investment strategies. Having actively engaged in financial markets and trading for several years, I possess a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and intricacies involved in selecting the right trading platform, managing costs, and implementing effective investment strategies.

In the provided article, the focus is on introducing readers to various online trading platforms in Belgium and providing guidance on choosing the best one based on individual needs. Let's break down the concepts discussed in the article:

  1. Trading Platforms in Belgium:

    • SAXO Bank: Offers a range of financial products, including stocks, funds, bonds, trackers, warrants, ETFs, and futures. It highlights features such as free account opening, zero custody fees, and zero management fees. However, it mentions a charge of €75 per outgoing transfer.
    • Keytrade Bank: Emphasizes attractive conditions for investing with zero management fees, zero custody fees, and a transaction cost of €7.5 per order. They also have a promotion offering a 1% reward for deposits exceeding €10,000.
    • LYNX: Known for its trading platform, educational programs, and coaching services. It charges zero management fees, zero custody fees, and a transaction cost of €6 per order. A minimum opening deposit of €3000 is required, and there's a promotion for up to €500 in free transaction credit.
    • BUX ZERO: Offers trading in EUR and US equities, ETFs, and crypto with zero management fees, zero custody fees, and a low transaction cost of €1 per order. Additionally, it mentions a 0.25% FX margin for American stocks and no minimum opening deposit.
    • BOLERO: Presented as the online investment account of the KBC group, it comes with a powerful platform and various possibilities. It charges zero management fees, zero custody fees, and transaction costs starting from €7.5. There's a promotion offering a reimbursement of broker fees for the first three months for new customers.
  2. Explanation of Trading Platforms:

    • Defines a trading platform as a website or app connecting buyers and sellers of stocks, bonds, or other financial products globally, requiring only internet access.
    • Highlights that the best trading platforms provide access to analysis tools for real-time market monitoring and tracking fluctuations in financial products.
  3. Costs Associated with an Investment Platform:

    • Outlines six types of costs associated with online investment platforms: transaction costs, management fees, custody fees, inactivity fees, spread, and withdrawal fees.
  4. Steps for Online Investing:

    • Describes the process of online investing, including selecting a suitable platform, opening an account, researching financial products, funding the account, choosing investments, placing orders, and monitoring progress.
  5. Choosing a Trading Platform:

    • Advises readers to define their investment goals and trading style before selecting a platform.
    • Recommends comparing transaction costs, spreads, and other fees offered by different platforms.
    • Encourages checking if the platform supports the desired financial products and provides essential features and tools.
    • Suggests considering trial periods to assess the platform's user-friendliness and reading reviews, especially regarding customer service.
  6. Getting Started with Online Investing:

    • Emphasizes understanding the basics of stock trading before investing.
    • Recommends taking advantage of online trading courses, with a focus on those offered by the chosen broker.
    • Advises opening a beginner's account to practice trading with virtual capital and gain familiarity with the platform.
  7. Warning Against Scams:

    • Cautions against fraudulent companies offering investment products without proper licensing.
    • Directs readers to a list of authorized companies provided by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

In summary, the article provides a comprehensive guide for individuals considering online investing in Belgium, covering platform options, associated costs, the investing process, and precautions against scams.

The best trading platforms in Belgium | MoneyExpert (2024)


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