Peterbilt Fuel Line Diagram (2024)

1. Peterbilt 379 Fuel line diagrams | Trucking Forum

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  • Good afternoon all, Working on a fuel tank switching issue and trying to learn about the fuel system on my 96 Pete 379. Can someone point me to a fuel...

Peterbilt 379 Fuel line diagrams | Trucking Forum

2. [PDF] body builder manual contents - Peterbilt

  • Mar 15, 2021 · This manual contains appropriate dimensional information, guidelines for mounting bodies, modifying frames, electrical wiring information, and ...

3. [PDF] OPERATOR'S MANUAL - Peterbilt

  • 2018 PACCAR Inc. - All Rights Reserved. This manual illustrates and describes the operation of features or equipment which may be either.

4. 2007 Peterbilt 379 Fuel Lines -

  • Mar 26, 2016 · Peterbilt tells me their are six lines of all different diameters and it's important to keep the lines equal length to keep the tanks equalized.

  • Rawze's ISX Technical Discussion and more / Big Truck Technical Discussion... / Ask Your question... / 2007 Peterbilt 379 Fuel Lines

5. Thread: Pa-22 fuel line diagram - ShortWingPipers.Org

  • Jan 7, 2012 · The POH has a nice line drawing of the fuel lines. I would think looking through the photos on this site should give you a more exact idea about ...

  • I am in the middle of a rebuild of my 1952 tri pacer, including a converstion to 22/20. When the old fuel lines were removed to have the frame sandblasted, the fuel lines were damaged and some were thrown out. Does anyone have a good copy of the fuel line specs and locations so my AME can duplicate new ones. Thanks Jim

6. Peterbilt 379 Fuel System Parts & Components -

Peterbilt 379 Fuel System Parts & Components -


  • Jun 6, 2020 · I started looking for fuel line routing and could not find any diagrams. Nothing in the Resource Guide on fuel. It was difficult to trace the ...

  • On the way back from the western side of Virginia, we developed a fuel leak. We could smell diesel so we pulled over and found it. It was on the output of the secondary fuel filter. I cleaned it with brake cleaner to get it as dry as possible and wrapped it tightly with plastic tape. Then put pip...

8. Fuel Tanks & Components - Peterbilt Parts

  • Shop hundreds of Peterbilt Fuel Tanks & Components parts from Peterbilt Parts. The most trusted online retailer for trucking equipment and accessories.


  • 359 Peterbilt: Single Draw Out of Cross Over Fuel Line/Single Return Line System. Dual Tank Recommendation: 1st Choice - Convert to a complete Double Draw ...

10. Viewing a thread - Fuel Return on Semi - 1 tank not returning

  • Jun 4, 2016 · Do I blow air through the return lines? Is their a problem with a pickup tube that would cause this? 2003 Peterbilt 379, N14 if it makes any ...

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11. Viewing a thread - Semi fuel tanks won't cross over; what to do

  • Oct 8, 2013 · does it indeed have a transfer hose?? some of the newer trucks have a proportioning valve that regulates the flow back and forth to each tank. I ...

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12. [PDF] F1271 Fuel Pro 382 Tech Manual - Davco

  • Oct 14, 2020 · The cover and collar assembly must be completely masked off if the Fuel Pro is to be painted. Fuel Line Routing. To minimize fuel system ...

13. [PDF] dual tank selector valve - installation instructions


14. 109-48207 Fuel System Diagram Data Card Full Color - P-51 Mustang

  • ... Fuel System Data Card, Laminated and Weather Proof. Part Number: 109-48207. CARD - FUEL SYSTEM DIAGRAM SCHEMATIC. Dimensions: 7.5" x 4-3/4". Technical Drawing ...

  • Shop for Vintage Warbird Parts, Material, Hardware, Shop Supplies, Gifts, & Apparel. Original Surplus, NOS, Fittings, Components, & Markings for World-Class Aircraft Restorations.

109-48207 Fuel System Diagram Data Card Full Color - P-51 Mustang

15. Fuel Line: Diagram, Types, Function, Material, Fitting & Cleaner

  • Mar 21, 2022 · Fuel Line: Diagram, Types, Function, Material, Fitting & Cleaner ... All parts of the fuel system are connected by fuel and vapor lines and hoses.

  • In this article, you will learn what is fuel line? Its diagram, types, function, material, fitting, and cleaner with Picture and PDF.

Fuel Line: Diagram, Types, Function, Material, Fitting & Cleaner

16. [PDF] Kenworth Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual

  • Replacement nylon fuel line assemblies are available based on individual chassis and fuel system hardware. For other chassis changes, individual parts are ...

17. Fuel pumps can easily clog | Tank Transport

  • Dec 14, 2017 · Cummins – fuel system – flow diagram. Fuel Tank Cleaning Procedures ... Peterbilt Banner 2022. Tank Transport News · Class 8 Orders Remain Strong.

  • Fuel pump failure can be costly and hurt a transporter’s reputation. One of the leading causes of failure is the tank. This is due to all the sediment, rust and debris from the pump finding its way into the tank. Removing all contaminates is critical. If possible... #HDFuelPump #HDTruckMaintenance

Fuel pumps can easily clog | Tank Transport

18. Understanding Fuel Line Fittings: Straight Thread (and AN ... - Fuelab

  • As well, Teflon tape has the potential to leave debris in the fuel systemWhich leads us to the description of Port Fittings. Pipe Fitting NPT Diagram Port ...

  • Understanding what port or straight thread vs. pipe or tapered thread fittings are utilized in and their design elements. This article describes the different types of fittings that are commonly used for high-end racing and street performance applications. The fittings we will discuss are Adapter Fittings (also called Standard, or Union), Port Fittings, and Pipe Fittings, as well as thread types and size standards associated with each.

Understanding Fuel Line Fittings: Straight Thread (and AN ... - Fuelab

19. Peterbilt 379 Fuel Delivery - Raney's Truck Parts

  • AirDog® Cummins N14 Pump Mount Filter Fuel Line Kit *For Cummins N14 engines equipped with Pump-Mounted Fuel Filters only Completing the ...

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20. Peterbilt 379 Fuel Lines & Hoses - 1A Auto

  • 1A Auto has a large selection of Peterbilt 379 Fuel Lines & Fuel Line Hoses, at great prices. Shop for aftermarket, replacement automotive Fuel Lines ...

  • 1A Auto has a large selection of Peterbilt 379 Fuel Lines & Fuel Line Hoses, at great prices. Shop for aftermarket, replacement automotive Fuel Lines & Hoses for your Peterbilt 379 online or call us at 888-844-3393 and order your Peterbilt 379 Fuel Line Assembly or Fuel Line Hose today!

21. Saddle Tank Fuel Line Routing??? - The 1947 - 67-72 Chevy Trucks

  • Apr 5, 2019 · Re: Saddle Tank Fuel Line Routing??? All the trucks I've had with saddle tanks just used a gravity feed system with the 3 way valve ...

  • Saddle Tank Fuel Line Routing??? The 1967 - 1972 Chevrolet & GMC Pickups Message Board

22. PACCAR: Home

  • PACCAR is a global leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high-quality premium trucks.

23. PETERBILT Fuel Tank -

  • We carry a full line of engines, transmissions, differentials, heavy tandems and more. We are the heavy duty truck parts specialists for both the concrete ...

  • Peterbilt Fuel Tank #438829 on HeavyTruckParts.Net. This a fuel tank for a 2006 older Peterbilt, measuring 26 inches X 72 inches and 150 gal., with passenger side rear fill.

Peterbilt Fuel Line Diagram (2024)


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