Best pages to download books online for free 2023 (2024)

Las pages to download books online they are fantasticca option to read books for free in this year 2023. You will also find an incredible collection of free websites easily.

In this article we show you the best online sites and our best pages to download free books 2023 from the internet because they are used every day by many people around the world.

On some other website there is a lot of information about pages for read books onlinee But here we are more interested in downloading if we want to enjoy our easy reading whenever and wherever we want.

Buy cheap books Sometimes it is not as economical as it seems.

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These days the ease with which we can download free books through formatePub, PDF or eBook has greatly changed the way people read around the world.

It is clear that part of the reason for the success of this new format is the high price of traditional books.

It is also easier to read from the many electronic devices such as the Kindle from Amazon among others.

Before introducing you to this list and talking about each page to download free booksIt is important to really know what an electronic or digital book is.

Download free online books 2023

When reading books online we must keep in mind that the ideal is to do so on devices intended for this purpose because they allow thousands of digital titles to be saved in PDF, ePub, MOBI or eBook format.

It also has a long battery life so that we are the ones who decide when to stop reading books downloaded from the Internet.

This type of device (we recommend purchasing through Amazon offers ) it will be easy to to use, comfortable to carry and which will allow us to read it like a physical one from our own hand.

Not all e-books or digital formats are the same because we find a lot of diversity in their types.

That is why in the pages to download free books you find:

Graphic books : In them drawings are mixed with texts. You find them from comics, photography, children's stories, etc.

linear text : It is a type of book that comes with the format and style of traditional books with text pages that are consecutive.

Audiobooks:It is the type of book where you can easily hear all its contents through a voice. They may include sound effects or background music.

Telematics : They offer interactive digital files. They are used especially in conferences or presentations.

Multimedia : We can download free books from the internet and also multimedia that have many visual elements such as graphics, videos or images. In short, they are very interactive.

Formats to download books online

It should be added that the online download of all these books with the Internet, free or not, can be done in different formats for later reading.

The most common formats in which download books from the internet son:
ePub: It is the most used by readers and authors of a book.

It offers the option to add rich texts and the text is adapted to the device screen.

Therefore, this option offers a lot of compatibility with most readers.

PDF : The PDF format is the most famous by readers around the world and in which we find the most free books.

It's easy to use, download, create or share.

TXT : We can read conventional TXT text files in programs like Word or any eReader model to read non-rich texts.

MOBI : The MOBI format is one of the most appropriate for authors in their online or online books.

As in the ePub, they are automatically adaptable to all types of screens.

They offer us transition effects and it is convertible to other formats.

AZW : It is the format used in free book pages such as Amazon Kindle for reading.

It is compatible with brand readers and are more advanced than the MOBI format.

Reading in AZW format will also allow us to include rich text.

Pages to download books online 2023

Now we leave you the list with very good pages to download free books online in formats such as ePub, MOBI, PDF, etc.

Then you decide whether to read them on eBook or compatible devices such as smartphone, tablet or computer.


Our first page is Amazon eBooks and on it, in addition to downloading free books in MOBI or AZW format, you can also buy many at good prices.

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On the Amazon website or application you can not only buy thousands of books in Kindle format, but many are free.

To search for them, just write Free Books in Spanish (or other languages) and choose the ideal one.

You find books of all categories and dates to download or read online.

The book house

This option is, together with Amazon, very good for buying free books online.

The book is downloaded in ePub format and you should know that many have DRM, and can be read only on their devices.

But there is always the option of creating an account on the web and importing to different third-party eBook readers.


The Epuplibre online site or website is one of the most popular pages to download free books in ePub format.

It has and offers readers a large catalog with more than 40,000 books and many more are added almost daily to the web.

We highlight being able to see comments corresponding to each book on the platform and even a forum to express your personal opinion or ideas.

Epub Gratis

Another of the best free book pages 2023, with a systemema subscription through which you receive them by email, filter searches by category or even share with your network of contacts.

You can download free books in PDF in a comfortable and simple way.

Project Gutenberg

It is an online platform where more than 60,000 free books are collected in ePub and Kindle formats.

On this page we can download free books from all over the world and in several languages.

You should know that they offer this option because the copyright has already expired in the United States and for this reason they are free.

Free Ebooks Español

It has a wide catalog of online or digital books in Spanish, which is also growing a lot due to the contribution of Hispanic authors who contribute their work.

It is a great option if you are a writer and want to share a book or work.

With the free subscription you will have a limit of them per month.

Great Books

It is another excellent online site to download free Internet books in PDF, ePub and a wide variety of eBooks.

The design is very simple, with a very good loading speed and very easy to navigate between each published book.

You also have the VIP subscription or free online books where it is easy to find titles on certain genres.

Open Library

It is an extensive library with thousands of free books and many of them classic literature.

On the page you can download the books in various formats or, if you prefer, read online on the same website.

All of them are sorted and classified by genre or easy to find.


Bookshelf offers a fantastic interface to search for free internet books in alphabetical order of authors, where you will also see the available works and we can easily download them in PDF or ZIP files, depending on the correct format.

It is like other previous ones, one of the websites with audiobooks, e-books, PDF books in Spanish and many more texts or documents of great value for many readers.


Downloading electronic books in PDF, ePub and other formats on the page Library It is a fantastic alternative because it has a large amount of around 150,000 free 2023 books available in different categories.

Google Books

We close this extensive list with platforms where to download free pdf books con Google Books which is also very interesting.

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Google It also leaves users with a collection of free books (Top Free) that we can download for free.

Opt for download from Scribd Without paying it is not easy at all but the previous locations are ideal.

We can access it from the device's browser with our Google account or in the Google Play Books application for reading using Android mobile phones and tablets.

As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of the topic, particularly related to online platforms for downloading books, I can confidently share insights into the concepts mentioned in the article.

Understanding eBook Formats:

  1. ePub (Electronic Publication):

    • Widely used by readers and authors.
    • Supports enriched texts and adapts well to various screen sizes.
    • Highly compatible with most eReaders.
  2. PDF (Portable Document Format):

    • Globally recognized and popular among readers.
    • Easy to use, create, share, and download.
    • Universally compatible, readable on various devices.
  3. TXT (Plain Text):

    • Conventional text files readable in programs like Word or eReaders.
    • Suitable for non-enriched textual content.
  4. MOBI (Mobipocket):

    • Adaptable to different screen sizes automatically.
    • Offers transition effects and is convertible to other formats.
    • Particularly suitable for online books or eBooks.
  5. AZW (Amazon Kindle Format):

    • Used on platforms like Amazon Kindle.
    • More advanced than MOBI, supports enriched text.
    • Compatible with Kindle readers.

Types of eBooks Found on Download Platforms:

  1. Graphic Books:

    • Blend of drawings and text, including comics, photography, and children's stories.
  2. Linear Text Books:

    • Follows the traditional book format with consecutive pages of text.
  3. Audiobooks:

    • Narrated content, often with sound effects or background music.
  4. Telematic Books:

    • Interactive digital files used in conferences or presentations.
  5. Multimedia Books:

    • Feature-rich with visuals like graphics, videos, or images, offering an interactive experience.

Noteworthy eBook Download Platforms (from the article):

  1. Amazon eBooks:

    • Offers both free and paid books in MOBI and AZW formats.
  2. La Casa del Libro:

    • Allows downloading in ePub format, but many books may have DRM restrictions.
  3. Epublibre:

    • Popular for its extensive catalog of over 40,000 books in ePub format.
  4. EpubGratis:

    • Utilizes a subscription system, delivering books via email in PDF format.
  5. Project Gutenberg:

    • A repository with 60,000+ free books in ePub and Kindle formats.
  6. Free Ebooks Español:

    • A diverse collection of Spanish-language books with contributions from Hispanic authors.
  7. Libros Geniales:

    • Offers a straightforward design, VIP subscription, and a variety of genres.
  8. Open Library:

    • A vast library with classics available for download or online reading.
  9. Libroteca.Net:

    • Organized interface for browsing books alphabetically, supporting various formats.
  10. Ebiblioteca:

    • Houses around 150,000 free books in PDF, ePub, and other formats.
  11. Google Books:

    • Provides a collection of free books for download, accessible via Google Play Books.

In conclusion, the article introduces readers to the diverse world of eBook formats and recommends several reputable platforms for downloading free books in various formats, catering to different preferences and reading devices.

Best pages to download books online for free 2023 (2024)


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